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Prepared by AE-2011 Resources and Capabilities 1.1 Financial Resources & Capabilities During the period from 2007 to 2009 total sales went up 8.13% which is a strong performance. Most contribution is driving from domestic sales (i.e. German operations). 2007 Turnover (€m) Total turnover growth (%) Grocery Sales Density (euro/sqm/wk) Number of Stores Sales Area (‘000 sqm) 41,818 +3.9 2008 45,183 +8.0 2009 45,221 +0.1 121 121 116 8,515 6,645 9,065 7,153 9,430 7,499 ALDI financial resources seem to be strong since that the group is operating without loans from banks and long-term liabilities over years. Increased sales in 2010 lead to the conclusion that ALDI’s financial position will continue to be strong. The…show more content…
Prepared by AE-2011 1.3 Physical Resources & Capabilities The ALDI brothers took over the family business of their parents in 1946. World wide expansion led to enormous growth. This comprises around 9800 stores (1000 to 1500 SQM each). The layout is simple with wide ails designed to refill shelves in the fastest, most convenient way {Brands, D. 2003}. They offer a small assortment of mainly fast-moving items (approximately 700 food – including a slim and organic line- and non food products). Small warehouses are located at the back of each store. Affiliates are equipped with limited technology such as intelligent cash systems high-end product concerning quality and price and bottle deposit machines. ALDI won the 2008 energy management award for great results in terms of cooling systems, illumination etc. Most stores have about 100 parking space and a shopping cart area near the entrance. ALDI has a long history which implies that they have gained great experience over the years. The location and layout of stores are designed to support fast and efficient supply and not especially aimed at customer needs. This is a weakness. Stores advantageously located as there are in convenient reach for consumers. Their product range is adapted to various consumer needs (organic, healthy living). The technological equipments are of high quality enabling fast operations at the checkout (ALDI’s staff are two times faster compared with other similar operations). This is

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