Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World

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Huxley uses contrast to reveal distinctive features of a character. In his novel, Brave New World, Helmholtz Watson is one of the characters who are involved with the use of contrast. Helmholtz is an Alpha Plus lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering who is friends with Bernard Marx and shares a unique bond with John over Shakespeare. He is physically different from Bernard; he and John are culturally different and share different opinions; and he has psychological and personality differences with Bernard. Firstly, Helmholtz is described as being “every centimetre an alpha plus” (Huxley 44). He is a well-built man, extremely attractive, intelligent, and creative. He looks like the perfect Alpha Plus, while Bernard looks like the complete opposite of one. Throughout the Society rumours are spread about Bernard being exposed to alcohol during decanting which resulted in his poor physical appearance. He stands eight meters shorter of all the others, including Helmholtz, who is tall, and Bernard is very slim and unattractive. Bernard states “I am I, and wish I wasn’t” (Huxley 43) so it’s clear that he does not like the way he looks. This is one of the ways Bernard separates himself from the rest of the Society but Helmholtz on the other hand, does not care about the way he looks- he just dislikes how shallow the Society is. Although Helmholtz still recognizes himself as an individual. Also, since Helmholtz is fully aware of his physical beauty, he contains feelings of

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