Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World

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The satirical world that Aldous Huxley curates in Brave New World possesses a futuristic society that the culture of today has yet to reach. Within Huxley’s novel, the residents of London devote themselves to the World State and live by the infamous motto: “Community, Identity, Stability” (3). They pride in sexual activity and view themselves superior to other regions of the world. They travel to savage reservations, such as Malpais, for vacations and romantic getaways to observe the savage people, who are uncivilized and lawless to the World State’s standards. Throughout the novel, Huxley hunts for true civilization through the parallel societies of the World State and Malpais. By creating Bernard Marx, an Alpha-Plus, and John the Savage; Huxley was able to connect the two worlds with different customs to conceive a clear discovery. The contrasted characters in Brave New World showcase the seemingly different forms of life, yet contain the same underlying flaw. Huxley built his novel upon the idea that the greatest comfort to people will bring the greatest pain. As Huxley transcends the two worlds of London and the New Mexican reservation of Malpais, he introduces Bernard Marx and John the Savage to intertwine the societies and by each character respectively. Within the World State, the citizens are white supremacists who are created and conditioned by the government, then placed into the Caste System with a rank of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilons, with varying

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