Aldous Huxley view on technology

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Humanities 104-501
July 23, 2013
Aldous Huxley view on technology

On this essay we’ll discuss the views of Aldous Huxley towards technology, and society in whole. The impact he had on the people that read his books and our commentary based on his observations for the future. Huxley was a British writer best known for his novel Brave New World, written in 1931 and published in 1932. He was concerned of the changes of western civilization at that time, which would prompt him to write great novels about the serious threats posed by the combination of power and technical progress. He was also very interested in parapsychology in addition, he would write against war and nationalism. In his book Brave New
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Mr. Huxley predicted exactly what we have become. Are we better off? I guess what Mr. Huxley was referring is; the morality of society is literally non-existent.
We changed everything to be more politically correct, we have become a society of non-judgmental individuals for example the people pushing carts in Home Depot used to be called lot attendants, now they are: “lot engineers”. I remember being in a lawsuit as a witness for somebody robing a store. When I accused the robber his lawyer told me not to call him a thief since the case was not over and was not accuse of any crime yet. He said to call him “a non-traditional shopper”. I said give me a break!!! The next paragraph will deal with other dangers that threaten society as a whole: Technology. Mr. Huxley referred the danger of technology as a dependency of the individual from totalitarian forces. Would he mean that we can one day blow ourselves up? No not at all. What he was referring to was the use of technology to spy on citizens for no other reason than to keep track of everybody on this planet. This incredible author had the audacity to predict exactly what we are facing right now. Let’s go back to one of the greatest tragedy ever perpetuated in this wonderful country of ours. September 11, 2001, otherwise known as 9/11. Did something change since that time? You bet, we have exchanged privacy over the
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