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This essay will examine in explicit detail the new positioning strategy in conjunction with other marketing issues prevalent within the Aldus Corporation. The Aldus Corporation has been a leader in the desktop publishing market since its inception in February 1984. However, the firm's marketing manager Richard Strong pointed out some foreseeable problems that would require a dramatic shift in the company's positioning strategy.

The Proposition to Change Positioning Strategy
The forward thinking of Mr. Strong to split Aldus Corporation’s product line into two separate divisions was very innovative, creative, and bold. However, two separate versions
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As aforementioned, the customer purchases a product by past experiences and evidential beliefs instead of an awareness that was created by a marketing advertisement or campaign. The marketing campaign of an organization consists of pricing, promotion, channel of distribution, and advertisement. There are two distinct ways an organization can market their product; the first is through undifferentiated marketing, which is simply mass marketing to the whole market with one offer. This type of marketing does not work because particular market segments are ignored thus creating a commonality in the needs of the consumer as opposed to what is different. Another more effective marketing strategy is called differentiated marketing. This particular strategy focuses on the market segments and creates a unique offer for each segment. There is one more distinct type of marketing strategy that is also very effective. This type is called concentrated marketing strategy, which is where an organization such as Aldus Corporation goes after one or fewer smaller market segments seeking a larger share of customers as opposed to going after a larger market segment seeking a smaller share. Furthermore, this type of marketing strategy creates efficiency because it allows the organization to fine tune its product(s), pricing, and programs to the needs of the

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