Aletha Sprayberry Biography

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This is a short story of my life from a wee little one until now. I was born on a Monday October 18, 1982 to Ricky and Aletha Sprayberry. I have three sisters and two brothers. I had some good and bad in my childhood, teenage years, and as an adult. Like most I do not remember life a baby. The earliest I remember, well don’t really remember I just know of this day due to pictures, is July 4, 1985, I was two years old. We went to Lake Striker for a fourth of July celebration and they was having a beauty contest, I am not sure if it was for all ages and they had divided ages groups or if it was just a fun thing for the kids. My mom entered me in the contest and low and behold I placed first in the contest. I brought home a ribbon and a trophy. I made the front page the local news paper and my mom has kept up with that clipping all these years. I know have it and keep it safe and sound in my top dresser drawer. She even still had my blue bikini swim suit from then. She gave it to me at some time during my teenage years and I kept it in my memories chest up until my niece, the first of eight grandkids, was born and I let my sister borrow it. Well that was a mistake, I have not seen my memory swim…show more content…
When I enrolled into Medical Billing and Coding I did it with intentions of working frome home and that is just what I am doing now. I work from home doing what I enjoy. Working from home enables me to work by my own schedule, which I love being able to do. I help watch and take care of grandkids so that my kids can further their education for the same reason I did, to better their family and themselves. My life overall has been wonderful and I would not change anything about it or I would not be where I am today. Loving my life with my handsome husband, wonderful kids, beautiful grandbabies, and working from home like I always dreamed I would. Life for me has been
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