Alex Figini Mass Effect 3 Casino Bar Analysis

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Megan Sneary
Dr. Jillian Round
ATEC 2382
20 September 2015
Alex Figini : Art Critique Mass Effect 3 - Casino Bar was created by a digital concept artist Alex Figini. He has worked on the art for Mass Effect 3 and is currently working at Bioware as the senior concept artist ( Figini excels in creating detailed character concepts and is well known for his landscapes with incredible detail. In Mass Effect 3 - Casino Bar, Figini separates the space by using square structures on the left, and then a large curving structure on the right. The people are a deep red-purple color and are painted basically shaped to blend in with the atmosphere, however you can still register they are people even though there is a lack of detail to them. The colors
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There are few people inside yet there are many crowding the streets outside of the bar. Figini made the decision of using vivid colors for the lighting to give off feeling of a ‘party atmosphere’. By having no one in the casino bar, it opens up the idea that maybe there is something bigger going on outside. By having only a few people at the casino, and all this motion going on outside, there’s a sense of chaos or maybe the ‘calm before the storm’. By using the bright colors as lights, it’s very active and hard to rest your eyes between the contrast of the dark floor and ceiling against the vibrant lights. The colors help the idea of a chaotic busy city when your eyes are drawn to look at all the colors on the canvas. The work appears to relate to the bustling city of New York because of the large overhead TV’s outside of the bar displaying either advertisements or news. All the lines in the work lead just off center, helping to draw the eye through all the colors, and even though it is a still image, there’s the feel of motion because of the repetition of the curved lights in the buildings and the bustle of people
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