Alex Is Not The Same !

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Nainesh Patel
Mr. Gittinger
14 April, 2016
Paper # 2
Alex is Not the Same!!! In year 3014, Alex is chosen to go on the space mission where no one has gone before. On the spaceship, that Alex is using has a tele-transporter device. The device works as follows: you enter in a cubicle, where you press a button, a scanner records the states of all the cells in a brain and body, destroying both while doing so. This information is then transmitted to other planet, where a replicator rebuilds you. Since, the brain of this you is indistinguishable from that you formerly in cubicle, your memory will be continuing and its character would not be affected. The problem is that, Alex uses this device so many times, so that when he returns from the space mission; would Alex will be the same person as he was before his space mission? Since Alex uses the tele-transporter device so many times, and has been rebuild and replicated so many times; that it might change his cells and how they were formerly before he used the device. So, the Alex that returns from his space mission, he could not be the same person as he was before. Below, I explain various ways in which, it tells us that the Alex who returns is not the same person as he was before. The reasons are as follows: since, he uses the tele-transporter a lot during his mission, his body nerve system cells were affected by light speed radiation which, could make him see illusions and which could alter his memories. The…

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