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Alex Johnson Social Studies 2nd hour 9/11/2017 Who Paper My name is Alex Johnson. My mom calls me Lex Luthor. I live with my Mom, my Step-dad, and two dogs. Both the dogs breeds are Pit bulls and their names are Duke and Leia. Although ALMOST every year I go down to South Dakota to live with my Dad, my Step-mom, and my three baby sisters. My favorite color is green. That’s because that is the color of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber when he goes up against Darth Vader and The Emperor in chapter VI The Return Of The Jedi. (woo!!) My absolute favorite snack food is ramen noodles because I tried them when i was younger and I really liked them so I’ve liked them ever since. My favorite indoor activity is to play video games. My three favorite video games are: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Baldur’s Gate: Dark…show more content…
My favorite outdoor activity is to ride my bike. When it’s warm that is. When it’s cold (like winter cold) I like to throw snowballs at my Mom. My special talent is being good at video games. The video game that I am the best at out of all the games I’ve played is Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is a first-person shooter game which honestly i’m not that good at first-person shooter games but I am good at this one and i’m surprised I am. There’s a few other things you could know about me. I have a 22 year old brother named Ryan. My brother just recently got married, So now i have a sister-in-law named Emily. Also I have a one year old nephew named zayne. Also on an unrelated note i’ve just recently been on an airplane. We drove to Chicago to get me onto the airplane to go to my dad’s house in South Dakota. When i got back we spent the day in Chicago. We went to the navy pier. We also went to the lincoln park zoo. We went to get Chicago-style pizza at Giordano's (my favorite pizza of all
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