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We all pollute whether it's just fertilizer or a giant factory. Fertilizer gets into the water from rain draining it into a sewer. The sewer drains it into a larger body of water and the fertilizer will kill all of the fish. Also, the same thing happens when you throw something on the ground and when you throw something in the water. Also, you can stop using fertilizer before it rains to prevent this.

You do it every day, and might not even know it. You hear it every day but choose to ignore. The environment is in danger each day more and more pollution is entering our earth it's up to people like you and me to stop it.

Alex Lin is a teen activist who turns local electronic wastes into good reusable resources. This young man lives on
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This is terrible because if we destroy all of our forests then we won't be able to build some things. Also animals will die because they don't have a home and then other animals will die from starvation. In addition, we won't have as much food because animals will die. Lastly, our world used to be 45% forest and now it's only 30% forest.

Teen Activism is when kids like us help out a cause such as stopping pollution. You can start small and then you can get bigger and do things like speeches and protests. One example of a teen activist is Alex Lin. Alex Lin tries to help by collecting e-waste and not just letting it be thrown on the ground. He started when he was 9 and is still helping our environment.

Most animals are endangered or extinct (no longer on this earth) because of human activity. Some ways animals are dying are eating plastic bags, oil spills in oceans, and getting caught in pretty much anything! We depend on animals for food, clothes and lots of other things. If we don't have animals we couldn't survive.

There are many ways to reduce pollution like You can help the cause one way by, joining GreenPeace!
You can simply start picking up litter.
Don’t do Deforestation.
Start your own group!
Join other big
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