Alex Lust For Power Analysis

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As he watched the world bleed it's blood he laughed. Those fools didn't know what they were doing! They only thought with greed and lust for power.

He had been manipulating politicians for years now, but he didn't realize the extent of their stupidity nor their greed. He had pitted the world against each other and personally lit the fuse.

Now all he did was sit back and watch the world duke it out.

He pondered about the human philosophy and the human nature for sins. He had always pondered what humans would do when faced with such a conflict, and now he became disappointed with the outcome. He had hope for humanity before but with the world quickly collapsing into anarchy and destruction he realized the futility of his hope.

Humans didn't care about each other nor about their friends, and those
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He created a powerhouse nation that was nearly self-sufficient and self sustaining while maintaining the second largest military in the world.

However his reign over the government wasn't the only thing he did. He dominated the first world countries politics and business using corrupt politicians and blackmail to seat themselves at the head of every government. Then Alex began his venture into his true goal. A war to truly end all wars. He pitted the United States against the United Federation of African Development. It started a large war and a civil war in America. People thought that the United States was trying to knock down a upcoming nation that was heading towards greatness.

What people did not know was that Nearly every action that was taken by the government went through his eyes.

So he pitted global superpowers against each other and caused a fourth and final World War. It was truly a war to end all wars, but it was more of a war to end all humanity.

So Alexander watched the world plummet down toward destruction with a silly grin.

"I wonder what death is
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