Alex Pardee

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Alex Pardee
Born and raised in Antioch, California, Alex Pardee is an up and coming artist who is breaking down many figurative aesthetic barriers. With a style molded from years of horror movies, comic books, old school gangster rap, and severe depression and anxiety, Alex’s style is simultaneously horrific and fascinating. Alex’s struggle within himself had a positive outcome that he intends to share with anyone with an open mind, eyes, and ears. At the age of 14, Alex was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. He was hospitalized for months, growing restless as the doctors tried to find the right combination of pills to make him back to “normal.” However, pills and therapy weren’t the treatment Alex needed. To keep himself busy
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Since then, he has released the book series Bunnywith and The Secrets of Hollywood. These releases branched out into calendars, clothing, posters, plush dolls, figurines, and multiple art exhibits. He is a member of the art groups Cardboard City and Zerofriends, which recently opened their own store in San Francisco, California. Alex has done artwork for the bands The Used, Aiden, In Flames, and Cage. His artwork for The Used’s album In Love and Death depicted a signature Pardee character named Chadam, whose story was made into a Warner Bros short film. He also did design and artwork for the movie Sucker Punch. Alex Pardee’s horrifically moving artwork has captured the interest of many around the world. His unique style has inspired that of many upcoming artists to create equally disturbing and fantastic pieces. Not only does he have thousands of sketches, paintings, and short stories to shed light on the warped convolutions of his mind, but he has a less than perfect back story and wicked sense of sarcasm to verify it. That’s all part of what makes him so fascinating. An intelligent and talented man, Alex Pardee is an icon of persistence and individuality for thousands upon thousands of aspiring artists and seemingly lost inhabitants of
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