Alex Vazquez. Prof. Verschneider. General Psychology 103.

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Alex Vazquez
Prof. VerSchneider
General Psychology 103
5 April 2017
Writing Assignment #1

In psychology, there are several different approaches to general psychology. Each psychological perspective focuses on different aspects than the last. These aspects can range from culture, childhood, evolution, and even genetics. All these different factors are studied in the 7 perspectives in order to better understand the human psyche. Without knowing more about how we think and why we are the way we are how are we ever going to move forward in making ourselves better? One method isn 't better than the other but may be more appropriate or easier to use depending on what is being researched. Each perspective was born from the
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The Sociocultural perspective of psychology that focuses on the different behaviors that exist between the different cultures and how culture can affect one 's behavior. The evolutionary perspective of psychology envelops different aspects of evolutionary traits we obtain and how they affect our lives. This includes natural selection, evolution, and adaptation and seeing how they affect our mental processes. The Humanistic perspective approaches to understanding human nature and emphasizes self-actualization and free will in humans. The psychological approach that I believe has made an impact on my life is the Psychodynamic perspective of psychology. The psychodynamic perspective deals mainly with the idea of the unconscious mind, and how we as adults are affected by our childhood and past memories that influence our behavior. These childhood experiences manifest themselves in our minds to create unconscious motives. The theorist that is most famous for this approach is Sigmund Freud. Freud’s earlier studies focused on the idea that traumatic effects develop into phobias and this idea grew into the psychological perspective of the Psychodynamic. The Psychodynamic approach of psychology like all others has its advantages and its disadvantages. The perspective has a strong basis to support that past experiences affect the later life but there is no strong scientific evidence to support this view. As

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