Alexandal Alternate Ending

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“Alexandal will understand,” Lief said. He wanted to believe that. “Alexandal is under a spell. Luckily, El Krea was able to enslave his mind. And he is our commander, not our Lord Master. The Lord Master rewards failure with death. Are you ready to die, Lief?” The fisherman shook his head. “If we return, failing a second time, what do you think our master will do with us?” Lief couldn’t answer. “Now,” Elmer said, grabbing Lief by the neck, “The King is dead. Do you understand me? When Lord Alexandal asks, you tell him that he is dead. Yes?” Lief wasn’t used to being bullied. He was always the bully. But now, Elmer, a high priest of the Temple, held the power. Lief couldn’t fight his way out of this. The fisherman
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