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Ms. Van Michelson I would like to present this organizational proposal to you as the organization is facing 17% net loose in total income and demands to cut the organizations perks from 8 to 5 % so it will be crucial for us to bring an immediate and effective change in the compensation system of organization. We as the HRM team the below changes will prevent us from closing down international offices and will increase the overall revenue in 3 to 5 years. The main aspect of the strategy is that the all the changes that have been mentioned in the organization and the international operations will continue to affect us as a whole until the recession and the economy is recovered. It’s clear that the strategy I will refer best matches to the…show more content…
The organization as a whole will still save almost 2% to 3% as part of their net income that is spent on pleasures and other comforts and if we can increase that savings to 4% to 5% this will greatly impact our net income. Second we must also look at the benefit packages that we offer and we pay a part of. I feel we need to evaluate it and possibly reduce the amount we pay towards the package and also look at all employees whom has a spouse with a job that offers benefits. That if their spouse offers insurance that they will be charge by us to cover them as well We must also take a look at the international employees as well; they will be part affected by this organizational change also. Recession is affecting every nation so the organization must and will make these changes throughout. Remember as we deliver the organization information that it does not matter if the employee is based in the United States or internationally this change will affect all until the organization recovers from the 17% net loss but we must also instill in them that the organization has no intention of laying off during these challenging times but the bi-yearly increases will stop and the yearly raises will be in place with a maximum cap of 5% in take place. It still will have an effect to employees as they will suffer from not receiving as high of raises and other incentives but it will benefit the organization by not
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