Alexander Falconbridge 's Account Of The Slave Trade

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The primary source I selected was “ Alexander Falconbridge’s account of the slave trade”. This story gave insight into the treatment of slaves on the slave ships and the trade process that occurred upon arrival at the intended destination. Walter Johnson’s “Slavery” is supported by the details listed in Alexander Falconbridge account of the slave trade. In paragraph two of Slavery, Johnson writes about the purpose of slavery and the context that they were used in. This relates to Falconbridge’s depiction but the details from the latter allowed us to get an impression into the experiences slaves endured. In reading Slavery the author was trying to relay the message about the horrors of slavery and it as a necessity to the development of the American culture. While Falconbridge’s account does not indicate anything about the effect of slavery on America it does give a meticulous atmosphere for what it was like from the time slaves entered the slave ships to the arrival and trade. Slave trading was a business and “over the four centuries of Atlantic slavery, millions of Africans and their descendants were turned into profits.” (Johnson) The Atlantic trade was highly depended on by slave owners as the life expectancy of a slave working in the sugar cane plantations was about seven years in the Caribbean. Due to the use of slave labor by the 18th century surplus capital was being invested in European industry. The article does mention about opposition by the incarcerated;

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