Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray: A Race for Credit

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A mass of people wonder who was Alexander Graham Bell and who was Elisha Gray. Some say that Alexander was just some person that invited the telephone; Elisha Gray was a person that wanted to be the inverter of the telephone. Alexander was not just some person without him or Elisha Gray it would probably be a long time in until someone thought of the invention. Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), the Scottish-born American scientist and innovator best known as the person who invented the most device people use, the telephone. Alexander worked at a school for the deaf while seeking to invent a machine that would broadcast sound through electricity. Alexander was acknowledged the first official patent for his telephone in March 1876. Bell continued his scientific and amazing work for the rest of his life, and used his success and wealth to establish various research centers nationwide.(article) Alexander was home schooled by his mother that was deaf so that is one reason that inspired Bell to teach at a school for deaf. At age, 12 when playing with a friend in a grain mill Bell noticed how slow the process of husking the wheat grain. Therefore, he went home and built a device with rotating paddles with sets of nailbrushes that dehusked the wheat. It was his first invention. Elisha Gray (1835-1901), inventor and competitor with Alexander Graham Bell in an outstanding legal battle over the invention of the telephone. Feb. 14, 1876, the day that Bell filed an

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