Alexander Hamilton: A Biography

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Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton's humble beginnings gave little hint of the greatness to come for the future soldier, economist, first United States Secretary of the Treasury, politician, renowned constitutional lawyer and Founding Father. Hamilton was born a British subject on the island of Nevis, West Indies on January 11th in either 1755 or 1757. Hamilton's childhood was difficult, as business failures caused his father's bankruptcy, and may have played a role the father's abandoning his family and returning to Scotland ("Alexander Hamilton'). Hamilton's mother was forced to rely on friends and relatives for financial support. When he was about ten, Hamilton's mother moved, taking him and his older brother James to the nearby island of St. Croix. Already impoverished, Hamilton's circumstances grew even worse when his mother died from a severe fever, in effect leaving Hamilton and his brother orphans. Hamilton was just twelve years old ("Alexander Hamilton'). Because Hamilton's mother and father were not married, the Church of England had refused him membership and education in the church school. So much misfortune might have damaged another child, but Hamilton made a point to rise to the challenges he faced. During his adolescence Hamilton had few opportunities for regular schooling, but this did not stop Hamilton from pursuing his own course of self-education in any way he could. Hamilton went to work at the age of twelve as a clerk and apprentice. He was first
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