Alexander Hamilton And John Marshall

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As a newborn nation, America had many tasks ahead of it, such as structuring a well functioning government, economy, and court system. Two men who had an extreme influence over these things were Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall. Both had brilliant ideas to bring forth and would eventually shape the nation to be a land of economic prosperity and fairness. Hamilton’s financial plan began the emergence of an economically superior country and ended in the creation of political parties that would change the face of the nation. John Marshall’s rulings resulted in precedents still followed today and interpreted the Constitution in a way that would transform the Judicial branch for the rest of history. Both of these men began the nation’s history in a way that is unparallel to most other leaders of the new nation.
Alexander Hamilton, first Treasury Secretary of the United States, was a financial genius who had great visions for the economy of the new nation. In order to reach economic greatness, he developed a plan to launch the country off the ground. This included a strategic method involving assuming state debts, customs duties and excise taxes, and establishing the Bank of the United States. Hamilton believed that if all these portions were carried out correctly, America was destined for economic success and international admiration. This plan clearly showed off Hamilton’s favoring of the wealthy and his belief in “trickle down economics.” The bank was established in 1791…

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