Alexander Hamilton And The United States ' Government

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Amna Yasin Professor Cockrell HIS-131 April 11, 2017 Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton has played many important roles in developing the United States’ government. He was born on January 11, 1755 on a small island in the Caribbean Sea. It was called Nevis and was a part of an area that was called the British West Indies (Schlesinger, Jr. 16). Hamilton overcame the odds of illegitimacy and impoverishment by rising to fame through his ambitiousness. Hamilton was determined to become successful and his intelligence allowed him to leave New York’s King’s College without a degree and still achieve many great accomplishments. Hamilton influenced the developmental course of the country by promoting a strong federal government to turn the U.S…show more content…
Hamilton decided to resolve the problems through making changes that would increase the power of the Federal government and allow the country to become prosperously successful. Hamilton made several appearances at Continental Congresses to ensure that the government’s power as a whole would be prioritized over the power of the states. Hamilton helped the ratification process of the Constitution by the Compromise of 1790, which allowed the south to pick the location of the capital if they passed the bill for creating a national bank and he also created The Federalist papers in which the importance of a powerful government was highlighted. Many compromises were made before the Constitution was finally ratified in 1789, due to the opposing opinions of federalists and anti-federalists, who believed in a weak government and wanted the country to remain functioning as an agrarian society. Due to this rift, the public had officially split into a two-party system with Hamilton’s strong government supporters called the Federalists and Jefferson’s
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