Alexander Hamilton Contribution

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Alexander Hamilton, born in 1757 in the British West Indies, began playing a large role in our country’s history as the founder of the “Federalist” party. The Federalist party supported the creation of a United States Constitution in the midst of political conflict over how much of a central government the United States should be built with. Anti-Federalists, people against the constitution argued that far away powers wouldn’t protect the rights of the people. They also were anxious over the absence of a Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton and his supporters, “Hamiltonians” argued that individual states cannot protect or govern themselves properly. He contributed to “The Federalist Papers”, a series of eighty-five essays and articles supporting the ratification of the constitution. His efforts proved worthwhile, after the eventual addition of a Bill of Rights to the US Constitution it was finally ratified by all thirteen states. Alexander Hamilton also served as the first United States Secretary of the Treasury. He was in office from 1789 to 1795 and used his time to implement his pro-industry fiscal program. The Federalist that he was, Alexander Hamilton believed in a strong central government, and thus he suggested that in order for the country to pay off it’s debts accumulated during the revolution, that they should create a national debt that would assume all of the states’ debts. In order to bring in the massive revenue the government would
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