Alexander Hamilton Contributions

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The final years of his life were riddled with tragedy and pain, his death becoming the most famous duel in American history. Born between 1755 and 1757 and orphaned at a young age, Alexander Hamilton climbed the social ranks from a poor immigrant born in the small Caribbean island of Nevis, to one of the most prominent founding fathers of America. Through several scandals and the harsh criticisms of his enemies, Hamilton made incredibly important contributions to American history. He was instrumental in the ratification of the United States Constitution, the establishment of a national bank, and the formation of a two-party system (Federalists and Democratic-Republicans), and was also the first Secretary of Treasury in American history.
One of Hamilton’s first friends and mortal enemy, Aaron Burr was nearly the complete opposite of him. He was born to a wealthy family from New Jersey in 1756. As intellectually gifted as Hamilton, he graduated from the College of New Jersey (now known as Princeton) when he was 17. They were good friends for a while, until their friendship was torn apart by their conflicting political pursuits.
1790: Burr defeats Hamilton’s father-in-law in battle for senate seat.
1796: Burr runs for vice presidency on Jefferson’s Democratic Republican ticket. Hamilton begins public attacks on him. Saw Burr as “a dangerous opportunist”.
The same year, Hamilton had published a document that almost completely destroyed his political career. His wife and
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