Alexander Hamilton, The Bastard Brat Of A Scottish Peddler

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Alexander Hamilton, born on January 11th 1755,“the bastard brat of a scottish peddler” and then orphaned 13 years later. Hamilton seemed like an unlikely candidate to become one of our nation 's most influential founding fathers, a successful lawyer, a major general during the revolutionary war, and even the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, but against all odds, he was able to do all of that and more in his brief forty-nine year old life. Hamilton’s true legacy, however, is centered around the economic policies he enacted that changed America from a new country drowning in debt to an economically strengthened and industrialized nation. Credited with creating the first National Bank, switching the agrarian based economy to reply more on manufactured goods and creating a U.S Mint reinforcing a uniformed American currency, Alexander Hamilton laid the foundation for America’s economic growth in the early national period.

In 1791 Hamilton’s bill for a national bank was signed off by Congress and his dream was put into action. This was a time following the Revolutionary War, which had just put America in an embarrassing amount of debt, and Hamilton was focused on eliminating it. The bank would help in creating a stable currency and credit in order to get America back on it’s feet. As said by Alexander Hamilton himself the purpose of the bank “is to consist of an association of persons, for the purpose of creating a joint capital, to be employed, chiefly and…

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