Alexander Hamilton: Triumph and Tragedies

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Alexander Hamilton: Triumphs and Tragedies By Matt Flood To die a tragic death by the hand of another man- to carve ones way through destiny and shape one's future from the humblest of beginnings- to forge a legacy by a medium only those heralded as our countries "Forefathers" have per chanced to meddle with- these are the makings and the foundations for which great men and the dreams of our country rely upon. Everyone has heard the name Alexander Hamilton, but few are familiar with his views and actions regarding the survival of the young American republic. He could be recognized for anything from serving our fledgling country by fighting in the New York militia; to serving his community as a lawyer and as a national tax agent;…show more content…
Alexander's childhood only declined after his grade school years. His father left unable to withstand the shame of the status his family had procured. After that his mother stooped to borrowing from Alexander's Aunt, who had married into the Lytton family, or better put, into money. Unfortunately, the Lytton family as well, after having loaned Rachel money to provide for her children, suddenly lost their wealth and the next generation of heirs would lose their share of the fortune. Besides that, Alexander's cousin killed himself in 1769. To put proverbial icing on the cake, Rachel ended up back in the fort in which she was once imprisoned, Christiansted, running a shop selling goods bought from her landlord as well as others to support herself and her two children. In or around the year 1768 both Alexander and Rachel became very ill. Alexander, most likely had a bad case of influenza. Alexander finally came around to defeating his illness, however to compound all his troubles when things are finally looking a little less bleak, Rachel, thirteen year old Alexander's mother, died of Typhoid fever. Alexander Hamilton shows us that even from the worse set of circumstances, people can make the best of what lies ahead of them, as opposed to focusing on the past, in a way, perpetuates an aspect of the modern American dream. How desolate a background a person can have, and nonetheless, persevere into a person who helps to

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