Alexander Hamilton 's The Revolutionary War Essay

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Alexander Hamilton Time Traveler

● Published letters in New York newspapers in favor of the Patriot cause prior to Revolutionary War starting at the young age of seventeen

● Lieutenant Colonel in the Continental Army and aide to camp to George Washington during Revolutionary War

Author of Washington’s critical letters during the Revolutionary War
Demonstrated bravery and valor especially at Yorktown
George Washington recognized in him a born leader
Visionary; Continued to self-study and to anticipate what the government and the necessary financial foundation of the same must look like after the war

● Attended Continental Congress in 1782-83 and 1788

>. Delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787
Hamilton’s proposed Constitution would have called for a president elected for life with the power to appoint state governors.
Congress’ weaknesses, including jealousy and resentment between states, stemmed from weak Articles of Confederation advocated the need of a national identity for country to survive > Personal beliefs re who should govern

Common people often act in the heat of passion and in an unreasoned and unprincipled manner The wealthy, educated and well-born should rule
Voting qualifications should be raised distrusted what Madison called “the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority.” The self interest of the “best people” should be harnessed for the “public good”

● Looked to European models for structure of…

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