Alexander II And Alexander The Great

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A tactician is defined as someone who is good at planning tactics; Philip II and Alexander the Great would not fall under this name because they were not good at planning tactics, they were disputed to be the best at planning them. Alexander III the Great was born in 356 BC in the capital of Macedonia; Pella. Growing up Alexander watched his father turn Macedonia into a great military power . Philip II was the first to create an unstoppable Macedonian army and his son Alexander would further expand the efficiency and power of such army. In the spring of 336 BC a Macedonian noble named Pausanias assassinated Philip II . With Philip’s death came many new changes to the empires known at that time. Alexander III as Philip’s only successor became king at the age of twenty and Philip’s dream of conquering the Persian Empire was now on the shoulders of Alexander . This would be the driving force for the fall of the Persian Empire and the huge expansion of the Macedonian Empire. Within 13 years Alexander created the largest empire of his time; this was done by, being a military genius that used lateral thinking to defeat often-larger and superior forces, a disciplined army created by his father Philip II and the spread of increased trade routes along with the acceptance of Greek civilization and ideas. Philip II ascended the throne in what was one of the most difficult times of Macedonia. As King, Philips first steps were to reorganize the Macedonian army. Diodorus lists Philip’s
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