Alexander II And The Russian Revolution

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In the 1800’s Russia was facing a very difficult time. Russia’s recent defeat in the Crimean war was a wake up call to the autocracy. This defeat proved to the autocracy that Russia had fallen dangerously behind their western neighbors, ultimately making it easy for other countries to attach and invade. At that point, Russia knew it was time for a change and it started with Tsar Alexander II. Alexander II took over as emperor due to his fathers (Nicholas I) death in St. Petersburg. Some say the reason for Russia’s backward spiral was because of him. However, in 1855 the reign of Alexander II in Russia began and during his time he directed a period of political and social reforms. Some of the reforms Alexander II thought had to be changed included: education, military, government, and judicial. Even after trying to make multiple changes and reforms to better the government, someone was still not clicking in the Russian government. The main reason the society had so many problems dealt with the peasants. As many soviet historians have claimed, these reforms were put in place to pacify the peasantry in order to ward off revolution. During this time the peasants had to work on their lord owners land and didn’t have many other options. While under the new Tsar Alexander II the government ran into a dry wall and needed a way out. Alexander II did something that to this day goes down as two perspectives. The first one can be seen as a charter of freedom
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