Alexander Mcqueen Essay

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Alexander McQueen is still known for his unique designs even after he’s death. He was born in London, England on March 17th 1969.

His fashion career started at the ripe age of 16, when he started working on Savile Row Street in London’s Mayfair district. There, he was employed with the tailor shop Anderson and Shephard, and then Gieves and Hawkes. After a while, he began working with costume designers Angels and Bermans, where his work would be trademarked later in his life.

At a very young age, Alexander was offered three apprenticeships that all consisted in construction of clothing. While he was doing this work, he learned and mastered 6 methods of pattern cutting that were used in the 16th century. Designer Koji Tatsuno employed him and a year later he was employed as Romeo Gigli’s design assistant.
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He opened stores in major cities such as New York and Milan. Leaving Givenchy seemed to give him the opportunity to produce more appealing shows. An example of this is the hologram of model Kate Moss that was present in his 2006 Fall/Winter line.

Two tragedies struck McQueen, one in 2007, when close friends Isabella Blow committed suicide. Her death “was the most valuable thing I learnt in fashion” and it was for this reason that he dedicated his 2008 Spring/Summer line. The second one occurred a couple of years later, when McQueen’s mother died. A few days later, after her shocking death McQueen himself was found dead in his apartment, the cause of death being suicide.

Sarah Burton, co-designer in McQueen’s company, became the new creative director after McQueen’s death. McQueen’s benefaction to fashion was celebrated in 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where some of his creations were shown in remembrance of
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