Alexander Monologue

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How could my wife, my small-innocent looking beautiful wife, Isabelle be a secret hired assassin that killed for a living and I didn't even know! This marriage is a lie, more than a lie, and now I was on my way home to kill, or be killed.
I gripped the steering wheel of my sleek black Mercedes as I thought of the fact of her shooting me, or me placing a bullet in the middle of her beautifully crafted eyebrows.
Could you really shoot the woman you spent the last four years trying to protect and make happy? My inner me questioned me.
I ignored the little voice that was right. Since the day I met her I have been keeping my job a secret, I didn't want her to know I killed people because what if she ended up being scared of me and left me? I love her, even if our relationship isn't sweet, or lovey as our
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I sped to my house, surprised that I hadn't crashed or had been stopped by a cop. I gently parked my baby, my white Mercedes wagon and got out. I walked inside our house and that's when it hit me.
I loved Alexander. I told the triplets and everyone at my firm I didn't. I couldn't love him. But the truth was that he made me feel loved when I met him, but over the years we grew apart, living as roommates and not lovers. I headed towards the alcohol pantry and grabbed a bottle of vodka, pouring a glass while my other hand clutched the hand gun the triplets purchased as a wedding gift. I laughed a bit as the tears began to fall. 7:00PM my watch read, he's about to be here.
I wiped my tears as he called out for me. "Hey honey? I'm home.." He said as usual. I didn't reply as I swallowed the sob that was gonna escape my throat any time soon.
I saw him walk into the kitchen and whispered my name, "Isabelle." The way he said my name made me almost put my gun down and hug him, and let him take me like he did months ago.
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