Alexander Of Express Royal Ambition

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In regards to the question of how long it took for the successors of Alexander to express royal ambition, I will be discussing how long it took, in what ways and whether or not any of them were intent on the maintaining of the empire as a whole, to this I will be looking at Ptolemy, Perdiccas and Eumenes.

After Alexander’s death, there was a political vacuum, this vacuum was temporarily filled due to the initial settlement in Babylon where they decided that the most important of the Friends and of the Bodyguard should take over the satrapies…” ( Diodorus 18.2.4) , but having so many strong willed and ambitious men at that close a chance at power meant that this was not to last. The main issue with this was the difference in ideals between those who power would be granted to, as there were those wanting to keep the empire as Alexander had left it and those who wanted to carve it up into their own kingdoms. On one side you have Perdiccas, who very quickly gained control of the Royal armies and as well as this, the empire due to his position as chiliarch. On the other we have the likes of Ptolemy, who saw this as his chance to rule Egypt. There was also a third group who did not quite want ‘ultimate power’ themselves, but still had their ideas and ambitions for the empire of their late king. The most memorable of this group is Eumenes of Cardia.

Due to the ‘Babylonian Settlement’, Perdiccas was assigned Alexander’s ring, seeing that it was claimed that Alexander gave him

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