Alexander Of Macedon Research Paper

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Alexander of macedon

What is more greater than god, more evil than the devil, poor people have it, and rich people need it?This was one of Aristotle’s riddles that he would give to young Alexander, And that would play an important role in Alexander’s later years, and make him more sharp to things that weren’t obvious at first. Do to his family’s background, Alexander’s youth was one of education and military thoughts. Alexander’s father Philip II was a thoughtful leader and always wanted the best for Alexander but would let him learn his own lessons. Alexander’s success started when he was eight. His father had purchased a persian horse,and none philip’s men could tame this wild horse. He was going to have it put down when young Alexander
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Alexander was twenty when he began his march to Persia and through all the war and death somehow Alexander still found a way to convince his army’s that they were giving order to the world. The march on Persia was only a seven year conquering and Alexander actually wanted to continue, but his generals told him that it wouldn’t be wise. So he heeded their advice and went back to his capital to take rest, he was going to stay there for about four months then set out again. Sadly he was unable to because of his untimely demise. Alexander was poisoned at the age of twenty, seven about two months away from being twenty-eight, and on his deathbed Alexander was asked by his generals who should be his successor since he had no hier. His response was “to my crown and the title of king go to the strongest”. It was never settled on which of his four generals was the strongest, but historians do know that he had a successor although the massive kingdom of macedonia didn’t last very long after his death. Soon it was back to it’s little region that his father once started with. In the end Alexander’s youth filled with education and military thoughts, would be his greatest perk in life and to the once great conquer. It took young Alexander two days to get the answer to the riddle about greater than god and more evil than the devil. He told Aristotle that the answer was nothing and Alexander got
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