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Alexander Pope may have been the adversary of female behavior the extent of this has long been in question. The writer’s satirical style towards the women of his era is evidence of his opinions. However, there are noticeable facts that generate a swaying effect on Pope’s views and the meaning of The Rape of the Lock. These details consist of the author’s personal life and symbolism contained in his mock epic poem, including the voices of Bella and Clarissa, which is an indication that he may not have had the hardened heart towards women that everyone assumed he had. While any evaluation on Alexander Pope’s personal opinion will conclude with a questioning of who he truly was behind his literary persona, a thorough research provides solid …show more content…
Beauty was of utmost importance and to climb any social ladder, a pleasing outward appearance was to be achieved.
The Rape of the Lock does an excellent job of portraying this thoughtlessness that the women had during the Eighteenth Century. In the mock poem a woman who has her hair cut off and stolen appears to be an action that expresses hilarious sarcastic wit. However this storyline was not just humorous but has a sad underlying tone owing to the fact that a woman in the Eighteenth Century would have taken these circumstances to a serious degree. Alexander Pope expressed his opinion of women in a frank and aggressive manner. As Elizabeth King put it in her notes about The Rape of the Lock, “it styled woman a goddess and regarded her as little better than a doll”(77), this clarifies Pope’s respect of women during his time.
The prime example of Pope’s opinion is written through his character Belinda, in The Rape of the Lock. In the poem, Belinda is the epitome of loveliness and femininity. The qualities she possesses are not of intellect or wholesome attitude, but the beauty she was born with overpowers any need for intelligence. Due to this, a Sylph named Ariel who was once a woman of similar beauty and class as Belinda protects her, along with the nymphs who were once too, of pleasing disposition in their human life. Throughout the story they keep watch over her and Ariel guards her heart from being overtaken by

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