Alexander Richman IIi - Original Writing

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Alexander richman III
This is a story all about a guy named Alexander richman III. So he was in college and he plays for the texas longhorns and he played basketball and he was the best, he had a 75 overall (for college that is pretty good). And it was also his last year in college. And he had 1 more game this season. It is the last game and it 's the 2nd half 5 more seconds 80-83 there losing. Half court 2 more seconds alex shoots and he scores. It is ot ( which means over time) 3 min 90-85 there winning. 10 more seconds left there still winning. 3 more seconds, he makes shot 93-85. 1 more seconds there still winning. Brrrrrrrrrrr THEY WON!!! THEY HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

First round pick, the San Antonio Spurs pick Alexander richman III number 15, point guard.

October 4, 2016
It is the first pre-season game for the Spurs and the Kings. And it is Alexander first game in the nba. He started as a starter and he made the first point in the game. It is the 3rd Q he is switched him out with tony parker. he came out with 15 points, 3 assist, 5 rebounds and, 5 free throws. Coach told him good job. Kawhi leonard got 25 points, 5 assist, 7 rebounds and, 3 free throws. Danny green got 10 points, 2 assist, 4 rebounds and, 1 free throw. Lamarcus aldridge got 12 points, 0 assist, 6 rebounds and, 3 free throws. Pau gasol got 5 points, 2 assist,8 rebounds and, 2 free throws. It was 81-74 the spurs are winning it is the 4th Q. jonathan simmons going down the…
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