Alexander The Great : Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was one of the courageous leader and compelling idealistic of all time, he managed to conquer large Greece Empire with small reasonable resources. Alexander was a great soldier with different military strategies which helped him and his soldiers to defeat enemies. He was able to invade the Persian army that was massively twice stronger and bigger than his empire. He took control all over Greece and conquered Persia, Egypt and all the way to India. Alexander the Great left legacies that can describe and portray in many ways based on his accomplishments.
Alexander started his supremacy as a passionate and an enlightened leader. He encouraged citizens and combatants to trust him and be ready to conquer other Empire. Alexander built loyalty among soldiers and armed them with all necessary equipment of battles. He became addicted to power and quickly started forming a vast Macedonian Army. Alexander always controlled situations and led a group of people into the success. Alexander the Great is considering as one of the most prominent fighters and legend in the history of Greece Empire. He changed the history of civilization and made his name remembered in the present world today as a hero. With his great leadership perspective, he was able to defeated enemies and always remind loyal toward his companions. Alexander would always lead from the front line in every battle as a General of his Army. Alexander’s reign demonstrates a numeral of
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