Alexander The Great Empire

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Alexander was elected to be Philip II's successor, giving him power to secure troops from mainland Greece to make war against Persia, the most powerful empire at the time. Alexander the Great was a hard-working hero who never gave up and followed in his father's footsteps. "Within three years after the Battle of Issus, Alexander captured and destroyed the Persian capital of Persepolis and claimed the right to rule all of Persia. Yet he showed much respect for the captured Persians," (Event C, 2). Even though Alexander destroyed the Persian capital and ruled over them, he still showed respect for them by allowing them to keep their religious traditions, with customs he even adopted. These actions were part of his goal to have an empire that merged the best aspects of both the western and eastern worlds. “Alexandria flourished in part because of Alexander’s great respect for knowledge and various cultural traditions—not only those he…show more content…
The city of Alexandria flourished because of Alexander’s respect. “Porus gave himself up personally to Alexander. Alexander rewarded his bravery by granting Porus’s wish to rule Indian territory—in Alexander’s name,” (Event D, 2). Though Alexander crushed Porus’s army, Alexander decided to give Porus his wish of ruling Indian Territory. Alexander showed an interest in learning much about India and their religion and respected them. Some people might argue that Alexander is a villain because he conquered other lands with force and crushed empire’s armies. However, he still respected their religions and cultural traditions. He also let the Egyptians build temples for their gods and granted Porus of India’s wish. As you can see, Alexander the Great is a hero who respects those who he conquered and works hard to have the best empire that flourishes and includes everyone’s
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