Alexander The Great Has Truly Shaped And Inspired The Entire World

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Alexander the Great has truly shaped and inspired the entire world as one of the greatest and most successful military leaders in history. Alexander has influenced many writers, as he is included in the national literatures of some eighty countries. At the age of just thirty, Alexander had conquered what was known as oecumene (the inhabited world). Alexander the Great has become worldly recognized and lives on to this day as a modern hero who took on, conquered the world and spread Hellenic culture. Alexander III of Macedon was born in the royal palace in Pella, the capital of Macedon, in July 356 B.C. The people of Ancient Macedonia were considered to be “barbarians” or backward foreigners from a Greeks perspective even though the Macedonians spoke and followed Greek culture. Alexander was born three years into the great military commander of King Philip II’s of Macedon’s reign and Olympias, a princess who belonged to a strange religious cult, from the neighbouring country of Epirus. The two were very passionate and dynamic characters, and their traits and actions shaped their son’s destiny along with his tutors Aristotle, Lysimachus and Leonidas of Epirus. Demosthenes in 341 BC stated, “Philip is no Greek… He is a filthy wretch from Macedonia,” . The Macedonians were clearly hated by the Greeks and the country was considered to be a peasant, farming state. Defeating these stereotypes about Macedonians, Alexander lived the privileged life of a young prince in the royal

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