Alexander The Great : Legacy Of A Conqueror Essay

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Winthrop Lindsay Adams, the author of Alexander the Great: Legacy of a Conqueror, is a history professor at the university of Utah. Other than Alexander the Great: Legacy of a conqueror, Professor Adams has written other works, which include Sport, Spectacle and Society, Ancient Macedonia, Alexander 's Successor to 221 B.C.E, Sport and Ethnicity in Ancient Macedonia, The Macedonian Wars, The Antigonids, and The Frontier Policy of Philip II. The author 's typical style of writing is history, which is her area of expertise.Other than writing books, she has also obtained the Students Choice Award, which is from the Associated Students of the University of Utah in 2009, and the Virgil award for Graduate Mentoring from the History Graduate Student Association in 2008. This book is nonfiction, and more specifically, a biography of Alexander 's life. The book is most likely for adults or teenagers. The audience targeted are those who are interested in reading about Alexander the great or who admire history. The purpose of the book is to inform and educate the audience about the famous figure in history, Alexander the great. The book is a biography about the conqueror, and the events that occurred during his life time. The book reflects how Alexander the great became king of Macedonia. He was barely raised by his busy father, king Philip II, however acquired the bravery and leadership from him. He grew up to dislike him, and leaned more towards his mother, Olympia. Alex 's first
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