Alexander The Great Motives

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In the book The Classical World: an Epic History of Greece and Rome by Robin Lane Fox, the remarkable conquest of Alexander the Great is explained. After Philip, the king of Macedon, was murdered in the most brutal way, his son Alexander was declared king. Evident in The Classical world as it states;“...succeeded his murdered father in 336 five years later, aged twenty five...incomparably richer than anyone known in previous Greek history” (Lane Fox, para 1, 230). His significant motives lead to great outcomes demonstrated by the luxurious life that prepared Alexander the Great, the role and parental belief in a god, followed by his wish to succeed more than his father motivated Alexander to become Alexander the Great. A Macedonian king’s…show more content…
Alexander felt the need to work harder than his father and bring his wish to be better and become remarkable (Lane Fox, para 9, 235). Alexander and his father did not have a good relationship: Alexander wanted to surpass his father and be known for who he was dependently. Even though the father and son relationship was not the best, Alexander knew his father and the strong army his father had built and throughout his journey, Alexander used the army and the battle tactics that his father had left behind “Alexander’s crack troops were Philip’s Shield- bearers, hardened infantry who savaged the Indian armies and their elephants, even when many of them, Philip’s recruits, were already over sixty years old” (Lane Fox, para 4, p 231). Alexander became successful throughout his battles conquering many countries with the army that had been left behind by his father. Finally, in the book The Classical World: an Epic History of Greece and Rome Alexander’s motives that shaped his remarkable life are described by Robin Lane Fox. He became a Macedonian king who was raised to become a king, his role model Achilles that pushed Alexander to succeed, and the bad relationship with his father that made him want to do better. Alexander the Great inspires others to be superior through the challenges that
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