Alexander The Great Of The World

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It is of no doubt that Alexander the Great was one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever seen. At a very young age, he seized control of his father’s former Macedonian empire, and set forth to create his own. He embarked on a conquest like no other, conquering lands from Egypt to India. Creating one of the largest empires in the Ancient World. Due to his incredible feats, Greek culture spread throughout these lands, marking the beginning of the Hellenistic Period. Although his military campaigns were extremely successful, and his leadership was impressive, it is his character and personality that is often forgotten, making historians and those interested beg the question: was Alexander really that great? After all, he was a paranoid hypocrite who went on drunk tirades, killed any opposition to the throne, and never seemed to fully care or realize the vastness of his empire, ultimately breaking it apart. One of the most intriguing relationships to study when studying Alexander, is the relationship between his father, Philip II, and himself. At a very young age, Alexander’s authority was questioned. His father had many wives, and children with these wives. This is significant because it makes one wonder if Alexander was legitimate to the throne. His father called this into question and allowed the public to voice their opinion on this matter (National Geographic). After this incident Alexander and his mother were extremely insulted. Ironically, Philip was
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