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Alexander came from the Greek name Alexandros, which meant “defending men” from the Greek alexo, “to defend. Help” and aner, “man”. The name also belongs to a hero of Paris in Greek mythology and belongs to several characters in the New Testament. Even know with all these Alexander’s, the most famous one was Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. Alexander the Great name spreaded all throughout Europe because of his great power and money. Kings of Scotland, Yugoslavia and Poland, eight popes, and even Russian emperors have all used the name Alexander. This name is also ranked 8th in America for popularity. Adam, both a designation for humankind and the proper name of the first human. In Hebrew, the color of red lies behind the root Adam. The…show more content…
The name Joseph has different meanings range from English, German, Jewish, and even to Jewish. Starting out with Medieval English. In medieval English, the usual vernacular form was represented by Jessup. Joseph, in the Book of Genesis, was the favorite son of Jacob, who was sold into slavery by his bothers, but rises to become a leading minister in Egypt. The husband of the virgin Mary was Joseph, in the New Testament, which is the reason for the popularity of the name among Christians. Not only are there many different definitions for the word Joseph, but also different variations of the name. Just a couple of the variations used around the world are Bepe, Joe, Isoep, Juziu, Yoself, Zeusef, and Sepp. This name is mainly a male name throughout time. I was not named after any other person. When I asked my dad and mom they said “We try to come up with a unique name that nobody else had”. My mom came up the name Adam and dad seemed to like it, so he added his middle name in there and it sounded like it fit. So, from there on I was Adam Joe Alexander. There was no disagreement when coming up with my name. The funny thing is, they said I had this name before I was even born, they named me Adam a little bit after they found out she was parget. My dad said “If I was a girl, I would have been named either Serra Jane or Brandy…show more content…
When I asked her why she calls me this, she said, “The reason why I gave you Alexander Grandbell for a nickname was that you brain never seems to stop working and you can figure out almost anything”. I stayed with it because who does not want to have a nickname after a famous inventor. For whatever reason when I was young, I would always answer to it. Mom and friends’ regular calls me just Adam, but just on the off chance they need my attention they would. Another nickname I have was one that I gave to myself, which was AJA. AJA is a weird sounding nickname that most pronounce of A-JA, but I still like it. I mainly use this nickname as my in-game character names. Only a couple of my friends know the nickname of AJA, mainly friends in elementary school. Thinking back on why I picked AJA to be my game nickname, I cannot think of any big reason for it, just that it was the first letter of my first, middle, and last names. Of course, I thought about using AJA as my main nickname, but I feel like it would just be too hard to say and does not roll off the tongue. All in all, I like both nicknames and would not change either one of them for the
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