Alexander The Great: The Conquests Of Alexander The Great

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Rulers throughout history that earn the title of “great” have made numerous strategic conquests to further their land. “Great” rulers are above and beyond normal rulers and often go to extreme measures to better their ruling. One ruler who did just that was Alexander the Great, and his focus on big goals, respect for other cultures, and strategy in battle all aid in proving his greatness. The young Macedonian king had clearly established what he wanted to accomplish in the expansion of his empire. His series of conquests started with Thebes, where he first established his goal to gain control of Persia, the most important empire. The conquest of Egypt was motivated by his desire to create a new city on the coast. He believed this city would be an important port and trade center that would benefit his empire in the end. During the…show more content…
The conquest of Thebes was attributed to his idea to divide his troops into three groups, with the third in reserve. This strategy allowed for the third group to come at a later time in a sneak attack. Successful results caused by ALexander’s impressive strategies are noted again in Persia, where he defeated an army that outnumbered his 2:1. Alexander saw that he could trap the Persian army with its back toward the sea. He took this opportunity for his soldiers to charge and eventually win this battle as well. Many lives were lost in all of his battles, but his empire grew in many other ways. Although written documents display the ugly side of Alexander’s rule, his apt for focusing on goals, acceptance of new cultures, and excellent military strategy all prove Alexander the Great deserving of that title. The combination of these three aspects made him a skillful leader that was well-aware of the means that would get him to success. He was successful in using this combination as he expanded his empire into one of the largest seen at that
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