Alexander The Great : The Impact Of Alexander The Great

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Through many history books and writings, many historians write about Phillip III, or most commonly known as Alexander the Great. Maybe because of how successful he was or maybe just because of how he had such a major impact in history. They tend to focus on the advantages he created, and the success Alexander the Great had as a leader not just in the military aspect of his reign, but also as a leader in the political side. The history shows the impacts and changes brought from the military, from which Alexander the Great lead, and the spreading of Greek culture he influenced through the areas he conquered. As Alexander the Great dedicated his life to further advancing his power, the world would never be same at the time for surrounding villages and empires that tried to defend their land against Alexander the Great with his army and allies. Alexander the Great was the son of Phillip II, which was the king of Macedon and was a successful king and leader, setting up his son to be a successful leader in both the military aspect, as well in the political aspect as a king (Mark). Phillip III became known as Alexander the Great because the people that loved him and the success that he brought to his name, the people everywhere thought he was the greatest thing at the time, and since then that is the famous name that fills the history books (Mark). Alexander the Great spent his time, when not in battle, spreading the Greek background, language, and culture throughout his allies
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