Alexander The Great : The Success Of Alexander The Great

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Although Alexander the Great was a flawed person when it comes to morality, it is undeniable that he should be recognized for his greatness. First, his incredible military strategies undoubtedly prove his excellence. Next, Alexander was able to inspire loyalty in his men, a quality which helped him achieve his goals. Finally, Alexander was inclusive of conquered people and respectful of their culture, which verifies the fact that he should be known for his greatness. Alexander the Great was the son of Philip II, who was the leader of Macedonia from 359-336 BCE. One of Philip II’s main goals was to conquer the mighty Persian Empire, which he was unable to accomplish. When Philip II died, Alexander inherited the throne and sought out to establish an empire just like his father. When he took over his father’s thriving empire, he implemented his genius mind on the battlefield to bring success to the Macedonian army. He went on to conquer the Persian Empire and other areas including Egypt and some areas in Asia. Not only was Alexander’s greatness shown in his accomplishments, but evident through our records of his military tactics. Alexander the Great’s astounding military strategies proves his excellence because not only did he achieve incredible victories, he developed military techniques that were very advanced for that time period. In 334 BCE, Alexander marched his troops from Macedonia and began his journey to conquer the known world. Alexander and his men conquered the
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