Alexander The Great 's Large Accomplishments

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Alexander the Great’s large accomplishments in the third century BC changed the landscape of Afro-Eurasia in ancient times, and arguably through modern day. With the growth of his empire came the spread of Hellenistic culture throughout the lands he conquered. From the Mediterranean to Asia to the Middle East he helped expand trade routes and most of all the spread of ideas in religion, politics, and culture. One of the larger aspects of this spread of culture from Alexander was the expansion of the Greeks language across Afro-Eurasia. As he conquered the lands the Greek language quickly became used by the people he took over, especially in trade systems and political structures that arose. The newly grown Empire basked in the benefit of a common language, now allowing traders and merchants to understand each other even through the mixed backgrounds. ADD SOMETHING ABOUT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM BENIFITTING FROM THE LAUGUAGE. The common language also introduced people to Greek art, drama, and philosophy. Schools were built all around to teach the citizens of Greek philosophical ideas such as Epicureanism and Stoicism. The culture and political environment created by Alexander’s Empire made the competition of Greek city-states almost obsolete. This competition being gone helped to create a mentality more focused on being part of a vast Empire, rather than being the citizen of a certain city-state which had till this time been a predominate part of Greek culture and politics.
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