Alexander The Great's Influence On The World

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Alexander the Great Occasionally history shows that the world does not have many people that could be entered in the history. And Alexander the Great was one of these people. During his childhood Alexander had great teachers who taught him how to use and how to choose great politics, diplomacy and, how to win the war if that day would come. For many years Alexander the Great studied how to control everything and how to be ready to do anything that might be needed. At the age of sixteen he had to become a king of big kingdom, because his father, Philip, was in the war with Byzantium. Many people believed in Alexander because they knew that he was different from other children in his age, he did not care about bodily pleasures or anything like that, however, he had infinitely ambition which created him a good leader. Alexander strengthened his position in the power, he tamed people that were trying to make a revolution to take power in their hands. To get support from wealthy and other people in Alexander’s kingdom, he canceled taxes, and killed other people that might claim for the king’s position. Alexander was a great leader, and had plans to enter the war not only with some kingdoms, but to capture and control all kingdoms and all lands, to have the great power without a trace. Alexander the Great ruled his kingdom as a king that had tunneled his skills and had a good deal of experience in the past. He was thankful that his father, Philip, gave him the best teachers
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