Alexander The King Of Persia

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Darius successfully hid but was not able to outsmart Alexander or even his own generals. Darius succeeded in hiding in Ecbatana (Hickman). He turned south capturing Babylon, Sus, and Persian capital Persepolis (Hickman; Rufus). Alexander burned down the royal palace of Persepolis (Hunter, 28). In 331-330 BC Darius was killed by his own general Bessus and other conspirators led by him (Rufus, Wasson). Alexander officially conquered Persia after the Battle of Gaugamela ( He conquered the rest of the Persian cities one by one until he officially ruled all of Persia (Langley, 20). Alexander declared himself king of Persia in November 333 BC ( The death of Darius, and Alexander taking the throne of Persia, caused a…show more content…
Alexander and his army kept moving east to get Bessus because he wanted to conquer all of Asia so he marched on to India (Langley, 22-23; Hunter, 30). Alexander swept across India, conquering Indian tribes (Langley, 24). He defeated King Porus, his armies, and his war elephants in northern India (Hunter, 32; Alexander stopped conquering in 325 BC because his men refused to go on (Langley, 26; Hunter, 34). He and his men travelled back to Greece by land and sea (Langley, 26-27). Many fell ill or died on the return home (; Hunter, 33). Since he decided to conquer India it caused an even larger spread of Greek culture, taking a stand, affecting society, globally to this day. Alexander and his ruling caused a great influence on the political systems and government of that time. The Mauryan Empire emerged in India from Alexander stabilizing the political landscape in the Indus River Valley. He laid the formation for new political systems by dividing his empire among his generals (Clark). Financial and economic reforms occurred because of Alexander. New methods of government in civil, military, and financial istration came also because of him (Hackney). Because of the great spread of Greek culture caused by Alexander taking a stand, the political systems and governments were…show more content…
Many Macedonians married oriental women causing the fusion of the cultures. Rome slowly gained Greek culture as its own such as alphabet, art, and literature (Hackney). New empires emerged mixed Greek like culture with their culture to create powerful ancient civilizations. Greek-influenced cultures spread from the Mediterranean to Asia from Alexander’s empire (Clark). The many Greek-influenced cultures created a large spread of Greek culture, taking a stand, and affecting modern society globally to this day. New Greek knowledge was spread across the empire of Alexander. New schools of philosophical thought emerged which focused on the individual (Clark). With Greek and Babylonian scholars collaborating, much knowledge and progress grew quickly (Hackney). The spread of new knowledge across the empire caused a great change in society in that time, taking a stand, and influencing people to this day. The spread of Greek culture also caused a large effect on art of different cultures. Roman and Hellenistic art may have affected the portrayal of the Buddha (Clark; Hackney). Discoveries show how Indian art adapted some Hellenic attributes (Hackney). The spread of Greek culture led to an influence on art, taking a stand, and influencing society to this
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