Alexander: Truly Great Essay

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Alexander, son of King Philip II of Macedon, is known as Alexander the Great. However, was he truly great? One may look at his many accomplishments to decide if he deserves the title. Sometimes character is the test of determining if a man is great. Alexander meets both standards with his philosophic background, conquering abilities, victories in battle, and outstanding accomplishments; therefore, he truly meets his title as Alexander the Great Alexander was born in 356 B.C. to King Philip II f Macedon, and Olympias, princess of Epirus. King Philip was one of Alexander’s main influences. Philip was a man of action: he built cities, navies, roads, armies, conquered Athens, and created the League of Corinth, which he treated fairly. At age…show more content…
In his first major battle, The Battle of Granicus, Alexander was nearly killed when an axe spilt his helmet. Alexander was quick to conquer Sardis, a Persian city in Asia Minor, and the Ionian city-states, which he freed from Persian control and installs a democratic government. Next, Alexander traveled to Gordium, where he untied, cut with his sword rather, the Gordian knot, making him ruler of Asia. This action was just one symbol of Alexander’s greatness. Alexander continued his conquering of Persia by taking over the Phoenician ports, making the Persian navy no longer powerful. Gaining control of Tyre was Alexander’s biggest challenge while taking the ports, but he achieved so by reaching the island with a rock path through the sea, another moment of Alexander’s greatness. When Alexander and his armyentered Egypt, they were welcomed, and Alexander was named Pharaoh. Alexander wanted a city named and designed after him to be built at the mouth of the Nile. This would be the first Macedonian trading and military colony here; however, he would never get to see Alexandria built. Later, the Great Library at Alexandria was founded by Ptomley, which held anywhere between 70,000 and 700,000 books. The Library held many records, but no longer exists, due to an unknown cause. Alexander was now ready to head east, further east than any conqueror had dared to travel. Alexander
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