Alexander Was A Great King

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Alexander was a great king. Not only was he known as Alexander the Great, but he was also known as a classical leader,and many other things. Since he was young he was taught by a very intelligent philosopher, Aristotle. He learned so many things that later in life helped him to become a strong leader. Alexander will always be remembered for the great leader he was. Alexander was born on July 20 or 21, 356 BC, In Pella, Macedon. He was the son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias of Epirus. Alexander’s father was the king of Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. He gained his personality traits from the way his parents would influence him. His mother would encourage him and would always make him believe that his destiny was to conquer the Persian Empire. His father was a huge influence on him. Alexander would watch his father succeed year after year. One of his personality traits was a violent temper, but there was also a calmer side to him. His personality is what made him such a great leader. Olympias always reminded him that his true father was Zeus so Alexander always considered Zeus- Ammon to be his true father. Alexander had very little to no interest in sports. He always understood how hard it was to be a ruler.
Knowledge was very important to Alexander. He loved philosophy; and had a great desire for reading. He was very intelligent and learned quickly. His intelligence influenced him on being successful. He is one of the most influential people along with his…
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