Alexander Was A Great King

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Alexander was a great king. Not only was he known as Alexander the Great, but he was also known as a classical leader,and many other things. Since he was young he was taught by a very intelligent philosopher, Aristotle. He learned so many things that later in life helped him to become a strong leader. Alexander will always be remembered for the great leader he was. Alexander was born on July 20 or 21, 356 BC, In Pella, Macedon. He was the son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias of Epirus. Alexander’s father was the king of Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. He gained his personality traits from the way his parents would influence him. His mother would encourage him and would always make him believe that his destiny was to conquer the…show more content…
He is one of the most successful military commanders and was undefeated in battle.Alexander married three times to; Roxana,of Bactria; Stateira II, of Persia; and Parysatis II, of Persia. He had two sons, one of them with Roxana, his name was Alexander IV of Macedon. The other son he had with Stateira, his name was Heracles of Macedon, but it is not known if he was really Alexander’s son.He practiced the Greek polytheism religion. He was part of the Argead dynasty, which was an Ancient Greek Royal house. This dynasty ruled Macedon from 700 BC, to 310 BC. Alexander’s biggest achievement was to spread Greek culture. By the age of twenty Alexander’s father had been murdered. He took over the throne and was already military trained. Besides taking over the the throne he also gained a strong kingdom, and a well experienced army. By 334 BC, Alexander had enough ships to cross the Dardanelles, a strait separating Europe from Asia minor. He invaded the Achaemenid Empire, and ruled Asia minor. He eventually broke Persia’s power in battles. In 326 BC, Alexander conquered India, but was forced to turn back around by his troops. Alexander founded twenty or more cities named after him. The most notable city named after him though was Alexandria, which is located in Egypt, and became one of the leading cities in the Mediterranean. After capturing Babylon, Alexander went to a city named Susa, and he captured the city’s treasury. After entering the city of Persepolis. He
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