Alexander 's Influence On Sexual Preference

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As the lead singer of the successful synth pop group, Years and Years, Alexander has accompanied his rise to fame with an increasing desire to be honest about his sexual preference. Following the band being presented with the BBC’s Sound of 2015 award (Jonze and Gibsone, 2015) and their single, King, holding going in at number one in the UK charts, Years and Years have been hard to miss. As has their front man’s unwavering openness about his sexuality. Finding enjoyment in talking about being gay, Alexander knows that doing so can help others (Collins, 2016). His vibrancy offers his fans, many of whom are also LGBTQ+, a sense of value and validity in a ‘society that does not’ (Respondent 16, 2016, [survey]). That is to say, Olly Alexander’s importance lies in his being both a chart topping pop star and visibly gay. Historically, queer lives have tended to exist outside of the mainstream. In their rejection of society’s preoccupation with a heteronormative narrative, they’ve shunned outlets that have pushed it. Yet, employing more mainstream channels as part of your cause can mean reaching people who, otherwise, would not know where to look. LGBTQ+ celebrities, such as Olly Alexander, are proving this. That an overground voice is not necessarily an assimilated one. Indeed, ‘since popular culture both reflects current values and teaches them’ the need for affirming representation there cannot be overlooked (Peele, 2007). At it’s most simple, visibility means to be
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