Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great once said, “There is nothing impossible to he who tries”. Alexander’s whole life seems to be based off this one quote. From the day he was only a young child till he transitioned into one of the greatest of men, which conquered and ruled the largest empire that ever existed in the world. He accomplished and influenced so much in the world that he is still not forgotten. From his achievements and his positive contributions to the world he is still remembered as a hero. Alexander had many influences that made him the man he became. Through time Alexander thought back to his training and what he was taught by his teachers and the hero’s he looked up to. These influences set up guidelines for his life and he and everyone knew that alexander was destined to be great. Alexander was one of the sons of King Philip II of Macedonia. Ever since he was a child his family, teachers and even his people led him to believe that he was a child descended from famous gods and Heroes that stories are still being told. One of Alexander’s early influences was Leonidas. Alexander started learning from him when he was seven. Alexander’s favorite wasn’t Leonidas due to him being very strict and different. Leonidas showed and taught him poetry, sculpting, singing and theater that Alexander soon learned to love. Another of Alexander’s greatest inspirations was a hero named Achilles. He was from a story called Homer’s lliad and Alexander was very fond of the story. From everyone
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